Sani Dental Group

Sani Dental Group is one of the most prestigious dental clinics in Mexico, established in 1985 by D.D.S. Enrique Jimenez in Guadalajara, Jalisco. After years spent honing his skills he decided to move north to Los Algodones, Baja California, where he established a new office. In the years since then, SANI has grown from a 2 chair, one dentist office —  to a 36 chair, 30 dentist office in 3 different locations. With years of experience, Sani Dental Group has established new service and quality standards for Los Algodones dentists.

Unlike small dental offices, at Sani Dental Group you are not seen by a single doctor who says he can do everything, but is not a specialist in nothing. Your dental treatment can be performed by one, two, three or more doctors. You will be seen by a specialist for each treatment you require.

Dental Expertise in Mexico

No other clinic can provide the services that we offer:

  • A team of 27 doctors who accumulate 3 Masters, 5 specialties and hundreds of hours of training, extensively trained serving to patients mainly from USA and Canada. Graduates from best Universities in Mexico, they also have accreditations of several prestigious institutions including Harvard Medical School, in Boston, Massachusetts and Mega'Gen Implants Factory in Seoul Korea.
  • Laboratory on site, capable of producing pure porcelain crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns, gold crowns, plates, partials, etc. That gives us a great advantage because you have your dentist and your lab technician in the same place and between them determines the most appropriate way to carry out the treatment.
  • Dental Laser Technology.
  • Panoramic X-rays on site.
  • Two years guarantee on implants and up to five years on crowns (Regardless of the cause of replacement).
  • Waiting room with TV screens, internet access and free calls to U.S.
  • Accessible payment ways, as cash, personal checks, traveler checks, wire transfer, credit and debit cards (we charge to your card in dollars, not pesos like other offices.).
  • Special promotions on Lodging Service.
  • Free Shuttle service from the border and Yuma airport.
  • Sterilization room system.
  • Filtered water.
  • Ozone therapy.

Our Dental Treatments Provided in Los Algodones

We Provide:


Cosmetic Dentistry


Emergency Dental Services

Endodontic Services


Oral Surgery

Dental Restorations

World-Class Dental Facilities in Mexico

Our Premises:

Accessible to disabled people

Public transport access - Walking distance and our transport

Wheelchair accessible toilet

Access without steps

Disabled parking - Opposite the entrance door to the clinic

Patient bathroom

Wireless access

On-site pharmacy - Next door pharmacies


Private Patients Welcome - We offer Dental Services to every patient who needs it.

Public Health Insurance - We do not work directly with insurance companies, but we can fill the claim forms to the insurer.



  • Very, very good treatment.Doctors and staff worked hard to accommodate my needs.
  • I had a most pleasant visit with beautiful work done. I am so happy.My dentist Guillermo and assistant Esmeralda are the best. They are so kind and gentle and do perfect work paying attention to detail. I like how the staff works well in a teamwork setting. and I appreciate our guide Jose Showing us to the restaurants and shopping, he is very very nice.
  • My dentist Manuel Jose was very good and the assistants also very good. Thank you!
  • Great Staff!!
  • Great work from Dr. Demetrio Camacho, Tony and Javier. Will recommend S.D.G Class very highly.
  • Great Job! Great price! A lot of waiting!
    Gail Croman
  • Thank you.
    Susan Green
  • Everything was great!
    Carol Ann Harper
  • Very good work .Very professional.The price was very good.
  • I had three crowns, root canal/post core done on this trip, taking four days. I am satisfied with the work done and I would recommend Sani Dental to family and friends. Mike
  • So far so good. The experience was as good, if not better, than most of my experiences in the United States. Very friendly, very clean, great prices, all appointments were seen on time. And they booked my hotel for me!
  • Overall the staff is very friendly and helpful. However appointments were almost always late. In one instance, we had an appointment for 2 pm. We arrived a few minutes early and booked in, then waited until 3:45 at which point I reminded them of the wait. I was then told the appointment was for 4 pm...I reminded them that I had written in my log the time of the appointment. We subsequently started at 4:20. There were other examples of waiting. A fellow patient told me, THE WAITING is the only complaint I have about Sani-Dental. We experienced a setback when Dr Luis Melendez had to leave for a conference in Mexico City necessitating a substitute doctor. No complaints about Dr. Guillermo, it was just that Lily had developed confidence in Dr. Luis and this change caused some anxiety for her. It appears to this point the work has been satisfactory. There was one other bump, the voucher for one free hotel night was not made available and this caused some confusion at the Hacienda. Overall, we would definitely recommend Sani-Dental to others.
  • This was the most professional, gently, pleasant dental experience I have had in years. All the staff were extremely cautious and concerned about my comfort, my understanding of the procedure(s) I was undergoing and the outcome I should expect.
  • Amazing service, the staff is very friendly and their prices are very reasonable. I'm definitely coming back. Oh! And the stay in the hacienda " Los algodones" hotel, was great, clean, friendly, they have a shuttle that takes you to your appointments and back to your hotel. They give you a discount on your stay if your a client. I love the fact that my truck was place in a safe place, locked over night. Their small restaurant downstairs is very cute and their food is good with great prices. coffee is available all day and they make the best pot of coffee I've ever tried in years. Overall experience. Excellent.
  • the wait between procedures was long but worth it, very happy with the work done.
  • My husband and I went to Sani Dental Group to have some work done that we couldn't afford to have done here. Between the two of us, we had 9 crowns, 3 bridges, one partial plate and a root canal as well as cleanings - all done in 4 days. The doctors are kind and caring and the quality of work is as good as we would have received at home. Our Canadian dentists have never suggested bridges for either of us - only ever implants and yet, bridges were the first thing that was offer - no mention of implants whatsoever, although there were quite a number people having implants done. We would not hesitate to recommend Sani. The dentists, assistants and staff go out of their way to make sure that you are well taken care of. Sometimes you wait a little longer than you would back home, but that said, I've been completely forgotten about at my Calgary dentist's office, so.... a little wait - not a big deal. Our total cost was about $4500 CDN compared to over $20,000 it would have cost to have the work done here. It's a no brainer for us - we'll be back!
  • Amazing experience. The staff was great. They were very focused and diligent with their work. A few hiccups in the process with lab returns but the staff made sure to make everything right. I was very impressed. Their entire set up allows you to get major work done in minimal time by experienced doctors.
    Red Shoes
    Amazing experience. The staff was great. They were very focused and diligent with their work.
  • my husband and myself were very impress with Sani dental service were had appointment on thurs and impression were done the same day and had our plates by Friday at noon it was clean or cleaner than some of our own dentist they spoke English and were very pleasant people to deal with
    patricia powell
  • Great service, expert dentists, very friendly, pleasant environment everything clean and modern. Emmanuel was very good, and very nice. Many thanks to him and all the staff
  • Good job. I am very satisfied with your work.
    Ted Anderson
  • I was hesitant about international dental care, but after this service, I will be going back for any future dental work and recommend my family members. They were so professional, explained procedure and finance clearly and performed procedure painlessly.
  • I was very happy with the services provided by Dr Victor Valencia and his assistant. He was patient, gentle and very professional. Thank you to all at Sani Dental and Hacienda Los Algodones.
    I was very happy with the services provided by Dr Victor Valencia
  • We want to thank lots of good people 🙂 Abril for her experienced advice at various times, and for sitting with us and patiently discussing all the financial matters. Miriam in Mexicali for her dedication when setting up appointments/arrangements for us. Dr Mikel for his great diagnostic work in December. Better than we ever got from US dentists. Dr Javier and his assistant Nina for the phase 1 work done in December. Dr Xochipilli for her long hours of implant work done in December. Dr Jose Manuel Jimenez and his assistant Sergio for the phase 2 zirconium work done now in June. My wife is very happy with the end result. Virginia, Diana, Cindy, Lisette, and Francesco at the front desk, for their help with translations during dental procedures, and for their friendly help at the front desk. Jose and Carlos for their friendly words at the front door. No issue is too big for them to handle. Also: Dr Esteban and Dr Berenice for their patiently digging out my old silver amalgam fillings, and replacing them with good old plain white fillings. Their assistant Miguel for his help in the follow-ups, and all the translated questions/answers. I am finally amalgam-free 🙂 Sani Dental : We view them as a group of very capable dentists and above all, understanding and helpful people. We would come back here in a heartbeat. Thank you guys !!!
    Chris and Louise
  • I had a lot of work done in a very short period of time. My crowns turned out beautiful. I am very happy with the finished product. When I look in the mirror I just laugh because I can not believe these are my teeth. The dentist worked very hard to make them perfect and he did not stop until they were. I only have 4 teeth in my mouth that had nothing done to them, when those crowns need to be replaced I will absolutely be back. I have already told many people about this dental clinic. Thank you to everyone who took care of me.
    Thank you to everyone who took care of me.
  • it is hard today day to fine,someone that will do what they say they will do and do it and do it very good.dr. mike did a awesome job,i arrived june13 at yuma and was picked up by sani drove across the border had appointment at 4:00 they worked on my teeth for 4 days and my teeth have not looked so good thank you so much,the hotel in mexico was pay for buy them for 4 nights i did some shopping,and they drove me back across the border.and i saved $24.000 dollars.i paid $5.000 at sani in mexico and my denist in canada said it my cost me $27.000 or more he was not you can save all that money have a trip and buy a new car.they are the best.dave vancouver island canada
  • Overall excellent work and service. Fully recommend this service .
    Guy Dauphinais
  • Easy location to find. Prices are fantastic. Be prepared to wait for the different treatments. It is well worth the wait. I fell they are very competent dentists and staff.
    Mary Whitney
  • My experience was wonderful freindly and helpful I am very happy I came here to get all my teeth worked on at once. these people do all they can to accomadate if posssible.
    Van Hierden
  • I was very happy with the care I recieved.
    Peggy McAlpine
  • Very good results. Dr. Magana was great and painless.
    Sally Cooper
    Dr. Magana was great
  • Very happy. Maria worked very hard to get the job done and will come back. Hopefully my insurance papers will be completed and e mailed to me. Thank you very much. Norm
    Norman Knies
  • I went down to Mexico to have some work done on my teeth not knowing how things would turn out. A friend went down and had a crown put on and she convinced me to give it a try as I needed alot of work. I checked all the dental reviews and choose Sani. I am so happy with the work. I wish I had know about this before I would have gone down there long ago. I had Doctor Jose and he did all the work on the 14 crowns and inplant I had done. No pain he explaned all that was going on as he was doing the procedure. The clinic was clean and they even had better equipoment then my local dentist. After the crowns were put on they look great and with the time Doc Jose putting into make the bite just right they feel natural. I will be telling everyone I meet about the great work done. A full set of teeth again after 40 years I so happy. The only drawback was the waiting but with so many people in the clinic it is understandable. Everyone I met were friendly and went out of there way to make me feel comfortable. I will be going back in Sept to have the crown for the inplant placed and will be staying at the clinic hotel which is comfortable and clean wish I had known about it on the first trip down. Once again thanks to Sani I have my smile back and I so happy
    Barry Bilicki
    I have my smile back
  • I recently had six crowns done by Dr. Esteban. There was a mix up in the original appointment I booked on-line, but was able to come back later in the day. I am happy with the work done and will be back. The work is done quickly with as few appointments as needed, and the staff are professional. Linda
    Linda Holt
    I am happy with the work done
  • The "doctor" was Dr. Claudia and she did an extremely unsatisfactory job!! She did not fit me correctly, took way too long, Hit my teeth with the drill three times and one time when she attempted to take the drill out of my mouth, she hit my right front tooth so hard with the drill, I was actually stunned. Because of this, I have had a strange sensation on that tooth and I believe I will eventually lose it. It's very very disheartening when I come to get teeth fixed and they actually cause much more difficulty. I am in the public eye all the time with my profession and losing the front tooth will be devastating. The dentist I had was a "fill in" dentist and they told me she had all this great experience for 15 years. I believe she just got out of dental school and she tried her "skills" out on me. She was very very inept. I am going back again with a dentist who has actually been practicing many years and knows what he is doing. They need to correct the problems. The bridge she put in is so bulky that I bite my back gum and cheek every day. Thank you for reading this evaluation. I like Felix when I talk with him by phone, and I think he will make things right. Thank you. David Kobielush ALSO, Claudia didn't know more than a very few words in English, which made it hard.
  • They did a great job!!
  • When I first heard about Dental Services offered in Los Algodones, Mexico, I had my concerns. Not anymore! Sani Dental performed up to the highest of my expectations. I had 28 crowns installed; and I couldn't be happier. Jose Jiminez was my dentist. He completed the work in 4 sessions and his work was top quality. My appraisal is hygiene, A+ skill, great knowledge. superior perfection, perfect quality of crowns, perfect bite = superior plus. Sani Dental Group saved me over $23,500.00. I couldn't be more pleased!!
    Frank B. Bishop
    Sani Dental performed up to the highest of my expectations
  • Thank you Dr Linzay and Ricardo for your professionalism and expertise. I appreciate your gentle manner and also the fact that perfection is the only acceptable result. I will not hesitate to return to your clinic if further dental work is necessary. Also if someone asks where to get their dental work done I will certainly recommend you and your clinic.
    Oliver Johnson
  • professional, very pleased, would recommend.
    Kathy Jones
  • I can't say enough wonderful things about my experience with Sani ! I traveled here as a young single women and everyone made sure I was well taken care of. I have sensitive teeth and they were slow and patient; gentle and kind. I would have spent 20,000 for the same treatment in the US. I spent 1/4 of the cost including hotel and travel. Yes, you may have to wait but bring your favorite books and be ready to make lots of friends. You wait because they take their time and treat everyone with extra special care. They will not rush or cut corners. The results I look like a movie star and I have a whole mouth full of healthy comfortable, beautiful teeth ! I recommend Sani to everyone will be bringing my mom and husband next year!
    Carmen Amaya
    spent 1/4 of the cost
  • Dr.Hovani is a great Dr., I will be back for moe work!
    Joe Vieira
  • i can't believe the amount of work i had done in such a short amount of time. i hope the quality of the work will speak for itself. time will tell !!! the cost for all the work was quite acceptable. all staff members that i dealt with were friendly, very accommodating and very professional. i had a follow-up appointment for some minor adjustments on february 14th at 11:00 a.m., and i didn't get in until 1:00 p.m. thats the only negative thing that i could say. Otherwise, i would do it again and will definitely recommend SANI DENTAL to others.
    Michael Jaworski
    very professional
  • First time using a dentist in Mexico. I did extensive research both talking to people that have used Sani Dental and on the computer. Although all feed back was positive, I still wasn't convinced so I made a trip to Algodones to see for myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many Americans and Canadians sitting in the waiting room. Some people have been coming back for years and not one negative remark. I was still uncomfortable at first until Dr. Esteban started working on me. He was professional and did great work. Everyone at Sani Dental was very friendly and caring. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sani Dental Group to my family and friends. Matter of fact I already have.
    Bruce Anthony
  • very fast
    Lorum Perkins
  • The clinic was very clean, the staff professional and the cost unbeatable. I stayed at the Hotel Dr. Jimenez has and it was great.I have recommended this clinic to others.
  • You could search the entire world and not find a better more professional place to have your dental work done. I enjoyed the entire health/vacation immensely. And in 3 days completed work that would have cost me over $25,000 in Hawaii & paid only $4,500 at Sani, Incredable, Thanks so much!
    Carl Chase, , Maui
    You could search the entire world and not find a better more professional place
  • Interpreter made communication with dentist easy. Work was done in a profesional mode. Dentist attentive to requests made by patient bout pain medication and work to be done. Work done was of top quality and much cheaper than in U.S."
    Interpreter made communication with dentist easy.
  • "Best idea for a medical vacation we've ever had". Just look at what we got done for the price, and more importantly we met local professionals like local knowledge guide, Carlos Banuelos who have become our friends."
    Best idea for a medical vacation we've ever had...
  • Thank you for all of your help in making sure that I got my teeth worked on and completed in such a short time.  I know you had to make special arrangements and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it!  I'm enjoying my smile now. THANK YOU
     I know you had to make special arrangements and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it! 
  • My husband and I have had dental work with you twice now, most recently in the last month, and were satisfied.
    My husband and I have had dental work with you twice now, most recently in the last month, and were satisfied.
  • Thank you for all of your help in making sure that I got my teeth worked on and completed in such a short time.  I know you had to make special arrangements and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it!  I'm enjoying my smile now. THANK YOU
    Thank you for all of your help in making sure that I got my teeth worked on and completed in such a short time. 


D.D.S. Alejandro RamĂ­rez Rivas

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Diplomat in Endodontics CPR Basics and Electrical Therapy Course

D.D.S. Alinn RodrĂ­guez Araoz

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Doctor of Dental Surgery "Learn How to Save a Life" Course '

D.D.S. Emmanuel Castañedo

Endodontics Certificate

D.D.S. Cynthia Berenice Acosta Mota

Doctor of Dental Surgery

D.D.S. Cinthya Liney Acosta Favela

Dentistry Sciences with emphasis in Endodontics Master Degree / Course of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) / Hands On: Occlusion, Resins, Whitening, Impression Material, Tissues and Provisional Handling

Ana Noemi Espinoza Varela

Intern Dentist

D.D.S. Martha Eugenia Parra Ruiz

Endodontics Diploma / Occlusion and Rehabilitation / Successful and Provisional Restorations

D.D.S. VĂ­ctor Valencia Guillen

Implantology Diploma

D.D.S. Alberto Mendoza Soto


D.D.S. Carlos Alberto Marquez Calderon


Diploma: Implantology Advanced Oral Implantology Course - Theoretical and Practical Recognition: International Congress of Periodontology International Congress ongoing Odontology Course 2013 Odontology Journeys Course Basic First Aid Course Welfare Days Course Recognition: '' Oral Health '' Interdisciplinary Odontology Refresher Course Northwest Congress

D.D.S. Christian Baldomero Estrada Saldivar

Oral Surgery

Diplomat in "Complex" Exodontics "Managing Quality in Dentistry" Course "Human Values ​​for Quality" Course Constancy II: International Odontologic Congress Integral Dental Practice Aspects Course Constancy XXV: International Interdisciplinary EXPO Congress Recognition: Mexican Association of Oral Implantology Constancy XXlll: Magnus Dental Congress

D.D.S. Diego Miguel Valenzuela Roman

Oral Surgery

D.D.S. Fernando Martinez Hinojosa

Doctor of Dental Surgery

D.D.S. Francisco Demetrio Camacho Vallejo

Doctor of Dental Surgery

D.D.S. Guillermo Antonio Márquez Pérez

Doctor of Dental Surgery

D.D.S. Gustavo Adolfo Valencia Guillen

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Endo Constancy Congress 2007

D.D.S. Jari Sabino Franco Artea

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Basic Course of Oral Implantology Dental Progress Course

D.D.S. Javier Cristobal Espino LĂłpez

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Ceneval: Satisfactory Performance

D.D.S. Javier Muñiz Pérez

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Aesthetics Management in Interior Zone and Post-Extraction Cases

D.D.S. Jesus Uriel Higuera Urtusuastegui

Doctor of Dental Surgery

D.D.S. Juan Carlos Miranda Villa

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Ceneval: Satisfactory Performance

D.D.S. Karen Christy Caballero Montes

Doctor of Dental Surgery

D.D.S. MarĂ­a del Rosario Solano Espinoza

Doctor of Dental Surgery

D.D.S. Oscar Abraham Cuevas Aguiar

Endodontics Specialist

Diplomat in Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry Updating and Medical Emergencies in Dentistry Management Course Dentistry Postgraduate

D.D.S. Paul Lopez Hernandez

Doctor of Dental Surgery

D.D.S. Enrique Jimenez

Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Jimenez is one of the highly-commended cosmetic dentists in Mexico offering a comprehensive array of cosmetic and reconstructive dental treatments.

D.D.S. José Manuel Jimenez Mendoza

Specialized in Cosmetic Dentistry / Implantology Diploma

D.D.S. Mikel Estepan Ibarreche LeĂłn

Doctor of Dental Surgery

D.D.S. Alejandro Barragán Sánchez

Oral Surgeon Diploma / Implant Maxicurses Diploma / Oral Surgery and Implants Specialist

D.D.S. Omar Gerardo Valero Monroy

Implantology, Surgical Prosthesis in Patient and Bone Regeneration (Basic & Advance) Diploma / Course in Extraction Complications / Hand On and Talk in Sinus Lifting and Placement of Membranes Diploma