Broken Teeth

Tooth enamel is susceptible to chips and cracks and can break easily. Tooth enamel that has fractured, or teeth that have broken need to be repaired and reconstructed to prevent tooth decay damaging the remaining tooth. Patients with minor chips or cracks in teeth should visit a dental clinic immediately to prevent dentists having to remove the tooth or use advanced dental treatment methods to repair the damage.

Fractured teeth not seen by a dentist and left unsealed are easy targets for tooth decay as bacteria and plaque settle in the cracks and cannot be removed with regular tooth-brushing at home. Chipped teeth also damage the appearance of your smile.

Using a combination of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry techniques, dentists can repair chipped teeth and broken teeth can be replaced or restored. 

Reconstructive dentistry treatments for cracked/broken teeth

Dental treatments to repair cracks in teeth include dental fillings (if the crack is on the underside of the tooth) and dental crowns. A dental crown seals and protects the outside surface of the tooth from further cracking and prevents tooth decay attacking the tooth. Broken teeth are reconstructed by dentists to stop pain, protect the health of the remaining tooth and to restore the appearance of teeth. Minor breaks may simply require the outer surface of the tooth being smoothed to correct the bite; larger breaks may need a dental crown.

If it not possible to repair the tooth, dentists will remove the tooth and replace it using dental implants or a dental bridge. It is important for your overall dental health that cracks in teeth are sealed to prevent tooth decay attacking the tooth.

Chipped teeth can be repaired using dental bonding to cover the chip and form a sealant layer on the tooth enamel. A more pleasing aesthetic result can be achieved by using a porcelain dental crown, porcelain veneer or Lumineers.

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