Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be used for cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry purposes as recommended by your dentist in Mexico.

As a protective layer for damaged, chipped teeth — dental crowns strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay from attacking minor cracks in the tooth. Tooth crowns are stronger than dental inlays offering more protection to teeth.

Dental crowns are not dental veneers. Although both dental treatments improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth, dental veneers add only an aesthetic coating to teeth.

Improving the Appearance of Your Teeth

Dental crowns offer patients the option to improve the appearance of teeth and strengthen teeth in one dental procedure and are more suitable for teeth that are used for biting and chewing and exert more occlusal force.

The main difference between a dental veneer and a dental crown is the amount of tooth surface that is covered by the restoration. Dental veneers are placed on the area of tooth that is visible when patients smile — dental crowns cover the whole tooth area.


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