Types of Dental Implants

There are three different options at our dental clinics in Mexico for replacing missing teeth. Our expert dentists can advise you on the type of dental implant most suitable to your situation.

The dental implant options for individual patients will depend on the health of the gum and jawbone, the width of the jawbone and the number of missing teeth being replaced.

What are my Dental Implant Options


Most dental patients require a root-form dental implant and dentists use either an endosseous or endosteal dental implant. Root-form dental implants are secured directly into the bone and are inserted similar to a screw (as explained here). Endosseous or endosteal implants can be used to replace teeth in all areas of the mouth.


If patients have a thin jawbone or a jawbone that is too short to support a traditional root-form implant, dental surgeons will use a flat, plate-form implant that is secured into the jawbone with the ‘plate’ extending horizontally along the jawbone to relieve the pressure on the bone.

Rods extend from this bar and the replica teeth are attached to the individual rods. The procedure for securing plate-form dental implants is identical to the procedure for attaching endosteal dental implants. Plate-form implants can be used to hold a number of replica teeth from one implant.


One of the reasons for missing teeth is a lack of jawbone to hold the teeth in the gum, or a jawbone too weak to support teeth. In such cases, the jawbone will be unable to support either endosteal or plate-form implants. Dentists can use a sub-periosteal implant which is secured on top of the jawbone rather than being embedded inside it.

Gum tissue grows around this type of dental implant to hold it in place and the implant strengthens the jawbone itself. Sub-periosteal dental implants are custom made to fit individual patient’s jawbones.

All types of dental implants act as the natural tooth root and are attached to dental crowns to replace the missing tooth.


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