Teeth Cavities

A tooth cavity is a small hole in the tooth caused by dental decay rotting away the tooth enamel and pulp inside the tooth. Toothache is the initial symptom of a cavity, however cavities can appear months before the symptoms. Regular dental appointments will ensure that any decay is treated while the cavity is small. Many people ignore the first symptoms of tooth decay and a minor cavity develops into a root canal cavity requiring more complex dental treatment. If teeth become sensitive to hot or cold or if there is a dull ache in any tooth, patients should contact a dental clinic.

Causes of teeth cavities

All tooth cavities are caused by dental decay and there are many factors that can trigger tooth decay. Poor dental hygiene, gum disease, injury and ill health are the most common reasons for dental decay. If a tooth is cracked or fractured, tooth decay will advance more rapidly.

Treatment for teeth cavities

Dentists are able to repair and seal teeth cavities with a simple dental filling if patients visit a dental clinic as soon as symptoms appear, or if a cavity is identified during a routine dental appointment. Indirect fillings, known as inlays/onlays, are frequently used instead of dental fillings if the damage is to the outside surface of teeth. Onlays/inlays are constructed in a dental laboratory and then secured into the cavity. Dental cavities that are left untreated will require more advanced dental treatment as tooth decay can spread to the pulp chambers of teeth.

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