Missing teeth

Teeth are fragile. If severely damaged by untreated dental decay or ill health, tooth extraction is necessary leaving  patients with missing teeth. Gum disease and TMJ disorders can cause teeth to simply fall out and patients will have gaps in teeth that can affect the ability to chew and the appearance of their smile.

It is common for dentists to remove teeth due to overcrowding in the jaw or dental occlusion problems causing jaw pain and toothache. For some patients, teeth simply do not break through the gum and gaps remain after all adult teeth have appeared.

Replacing missing teeth

It used to be that the only options to replace missing teeth were removable dentures. Dentists now use a range of dental techniques to provide false teeth that offer the functionality and natural appearance of a patients own teeth. Dental implants, acting as a natural tooth root, are the recommended option for most patients. Dentists can alternatively fill gaps in teeth with dental bridges or removable prosthetic dentures.     

Dentistry Clinics in Mexico

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