How long will I need to stay in Mexico?

The length of time a patient needs to spend in Mexico will depend on the amount of dental work needed. Many dental clinics in Mexico are connected to dental laboratories that can return custom made dental crowns and veneers within one day, reducing the waiting time between appointments.

Cosmetic dental procedures, such as laser tooth whitening, can be completed within two visits to a dental clinic while reconstructive treatments to replace missing teeth may require a longer stay due to the healing time needed between appointments.

Start Treatment at Home

Patients who require extensive reconstruction may want to begin treatment in their home country and have minor dental treatment such as dental fillings completed before travelling for more advanced reconstruction in the form of dental implants, to shorten the length of time necessary for treatment.  

Dental Holiday

Patients who travel to Mexico for advanced dental care often combine the treatment with a vacation and spend a vacation period enjoying the beaches of Mexico in-between dental appointments.

Dentistry Clinics in Mexico

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