Is dental tourism the right option for me?

Many patients who travel to Mexico for dental treatment come from the US as it is only 5 hours traveling from the furthest area. Mexico is also popular with dental patients who want to combine a vacation with treatment and patients travel from the UK and Europe to receive dental treatment they cannot afford at home.

Dental tourism is a good option for people who want to recover in private. Having dental reconstruction surgery abroad offers confidentiality and you can return to your everyday life with a dazzling new smile. 

Traveling Abroad for Premier Dental Treatment

When considering traveling abroad for dental treatment, patients should consider all costs that will be associated with the dental tourism vacation. The costs of flights and accommodation, time off work and additional treatment costs that may not be included in the treatment quote, such as dental X-rays and medications.

Patients considering Mexico as a destination for dental tourism should consult the dentist to learn how many appointments will be necessary and how long treatment will take. If follow up appointments will be needed, patients should consider the costs of returning to Mexico for secondary appointments.

Patients in ill health should always consult a doctor before traveling abroad for any form of dental treatment.

Most patients who seek dental treatment abroad do it to save money. If the cost quoted for you dental treatment at home are prohibitively high, or dental insurance will not fund cosmetic dental procedures, traveling to Mexico could reduce the cost of dental treatment by up to 70%.

Dentistry Clinics in Mexico

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