Why travel abroad for dental treatment?

The high costs associated with dental treatments prohibit many people from accessing dental care when they need it.

Many patients find that traveling abroad for dental treatment can save them as much as 70% of the cost of treatment at home.

No Dental Insurance At Home

Many health insurance policies provided by employers do not include any dental insurance. For people without privately subsidized dental insurance, the high costs of dental care prevent them from seeking the dental treatment they need.

Even with dental insurance, patients find their treatment not included in the insurance coverage. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are rarely covered and cost much less abroad.

No Waiting Lists – Book a Dental Treatment And Leave The Next Day

In the UK, Canada and much of Europe long waiting lists for national health dental treatment can make teeth problems worse. Private dental care costs in countries such as the UK and Canada are as high as the US and many people travel abroad to find cheaper alternatives.

High Quality Dental Care

Dental clinics in popular dental tourism countries, such as Mexico, adhere to the same standards of care as US clinics. Many dentists and dental surgeons in Mexico studied and qualified as dentists in the US, UK or Canada. Mexican dentists travel often to the US for advanced training and are up-to-date on the latest dental treatment methods. 


Traveling abroad for medical treatment not only saves money but offers patients the chance to recover in private and have advanced dental work in complete confidentiality. Patients traveling for cosmetic dentistry treatments, or patients already on holiday in dental tourism destinations, return to normal life with a new perfect smile all the more enhanced by a glowing tan. 

Dentistry Clinics in Mexico

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