Orthodontics Overview

Orthodontics is the area of dentistry that deals with overcapacity in the jaw, misalignment of teeth and excess teeth to prevent malocclusion, or problems opening and closing the jaw.

Our expert orthodontists in Mexico offer premier services in straightening teeth — to improve the aesthetics and functionality.

Teeth do not always grow through the gum in the order intended. Often teeth will overlap or grow on top of each other as they erupt through the gum. This overlapping of teeth may be caused by too many teeth, periodontal gum disease or the teeth becoming stuck in the jawbone.

The Orthodontics Solution

Orthodontists will begin treatment by removing any extra teeth in the mouth. Extra teeth will be removed in a tooth extraction procedure.

Once any extra teeth have been extracted, the next stage of orthodontic treatment is to apply braces to train the remaining teeth to ensure patients are left with a straight smile. Children commonly require dental braces to keep teeth straight as the milk teeth fall out and adult teeth grow.

Pediatric Orthodontic Services

Children's teeth are susceptible to malocclusion, overlapping of the teeth, as the milk teeth fall out and adult teeth grow through. Thumb sucking and nail biting can damage teeth and the alignment of teeth in the jaw.

Orthodontic appliances will be provided if dentists notice any signs that your child's teeth are not growing straight. The dental braces recommended may be permanent braces that require an orthodontist to remove them or may be removable appliances that are used alongside a dental retainer.

Dentistry Clinics in Mexico

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